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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Spring has arrived!

Well spring has arrived in all its glory and I cannot say that I am sorry to see winter go!  Though, it could be the fact, I am getting older and not coping as well, these bones sure do seem to ache more.  I am sure it was one of the coldest winters I have experienced in a very long time.
I looked back on my last post, and alas….. yes! after many promises to myself, months have passed by again!  and I find that I yet again ask ‘where has the time gone?’ Well I do have a small excuse this time, my wonderful eldest daughter, Georgina, is on her gap year and has been working very hard and saving furiously to head overseas before life as a pauper begins at University for the next nine years.  Well, may indulge a little and brag? she blessed her dear old Ma by taking me with her!  I felt so privaleged, especialling seeing all I had to do was save my spending money.  Oh yeah! I shall keep her, even on the days when….. dare not say it... but I am sure you know what I mean... as Mum’s I am even more certain, we all have those days!
Being such a last minute decision there was much to research and get organised, thankfully one of my dearest friends ‘Carmela’ has nearly 40 years experience in the travel industry.  So off to Paris, Nice – where we were so blessed to stay with dear friends, Venice, Florence – Tuscany and Rome we go.  We had a ball, I ate as much cheese as I could (oh how I love goat and sheep cheese – though it is so expensive here, that alas it is only a treat here, but in France its a 10th of the price), and the raspberries that looked like they were on steroids – oh I thought I had gone to heaven!  I managed to lose 5.5kgs (hee hee) but I am sure in no time it will find it’s way back, it usually does and I am certainly not going to do that many hours walking a day like I did in Europe to keep it off!!! Slack, I know and Lord knows I need to keep it off!
Anyway, it was a wonderful time of bonding, though we missed Wayne and Victoria terribly, it was worth every minute.  Now the next part of this amazing journey is the realisation that the next step will be the letting go of Georgina as she heads off to the big-smoke.  I am, we are, going to miss her like crazy and as parents, we have to learn to let go.  The truth is, she will be 19 when she leaves… I shall say no more – as a Mum, do I need to? Sad smile
IMG_5149 IMG_5057IMG_6025   Georgina's Pics 2014-07-23 002

So back to the task at hand… Mammy’s website has been closed for a wee while, while I get myself organised and re-inspired which I have been struggling to do for some time.  I think the break was much needed and I am bursting at the seams to get going again – so many ideas and not enough time. 
Seeing it is spring, I will start off with a couple of birdhouses that I have in stock and I have some others which I am currently doing some folk-art on.  The website should be up and running by the end of next week, however, I have listed the items on my Ezshoppes store.  The web address for this is 
Don’t forget I also have Facebook page where if you don’t chat with me here, you are more than welcome to there.
On that note, it’s time to get dinner organised before they arrive home – till next time – God bless and all of country blessings to you.

Birdhouses 2014-09-03 001 (378x640)Birdhouses 2014-09-03 011 (433x640)Birdhouses 2014-09-03 007 (551x640)                              Birdhouses 2014-09-03 017 (360x640)Birdhouses 2014-09-03 019 (338x640)                                                                          Birdhouses 2014-09-03 013 (640x284)

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