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Friday, 25 April 2014

Getting Started on the Stock Garage

Well finally I have made a start!  Yes, the procrastinator is at last going through the storage and sorting out stock!! Oh my word – there is far more there than I thought… and that is not even going through the raw materials yet.  Still ringing in my ears are my ever suffering husbands words “and you wonder…..” rah rah de rah!  And of course, as one does when looking at things packed away for some time, “oh I never did keep one of those for myself, can’t get them anymore, so I might just keep this one” and one hears the rah rah de rah start up again.  Bless his heart!

So, I think I had seriously better look at having a clearance sale!! Just a wee bit more sorting to do and then to photograph and load on the website.  Alas, the long, boring and tedious job.  One did have grand intentions of getting it all done these school holidays… ho hum!  Though, I am ever so pleased we have finally made a start.

One that note, time to get back to it.  I will let you know when I have a few goodies on the web ready to go.

Till next time

Country Blessings x

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