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Monday, 15 September 2014

Sunshine–and all week too!

What a glorious day it is, the sun is shining and there is no cold breeze to take away its gentle warmth – at last SPRING!! and what is even more wonderful, is, so the weather-man tell us, there will be sunshine all week!  Oh I know it is good to have the rain, especially for us folk in country communities that rely heavily on it for our rainwater tanks and survival in the summer months, but just a wee break from it would be nice.  Never happy, are we not?

Well the herb beds (I use two double old laundry cement troughs) are weeded and to be re-soiled ready for the next batch of parsley, basil, coriander and mint – which are the main herbs I use.  In smaller pots I have thyme and sage and this year I am going to have another go at growing garlic-chives.  I never seem to have much success with them, and if you know a successful way of growing them, then please let me know.  I love garlic-chives and though this is a simple recipe it is really delish!  Grate some cheddar cheese and chop up some garlic-chives (I say, ratio to your taste) and mix together and put it between some fresh bread…. oh yum!!  I promise you, you will crave the taste.
The folk art paints are out and I have some birdhouses and barn stars that need painting up, well that's the plan anyway; wish me well.

Been having some issues with the web-site and not sure what is actually going on – so please, yet again be patient.  I do have some items up on my Ezshoppes Pinterest

Well it seems the farrier has arrived and dear old BJ Bill desperately needs his hooves done so I had better be off.  He seems somewhat grumpy at the moment and I don’t blame him.  There is the most noisiest, annoying and destructive flock of white-tailed-black galahs flying in, around and over his house paddock and perching in the pine trees next to him.  The birds are well known for being very cheeky and if I am not mistaken they seem quite intent on harassing him. They have such a terrible screech and make an awful mess – but alas, they are protected by law… ho hum!  And the cheeky sods don’t even flinch when I bang pots together and make a hoo-haa to get rid of them.  Ahhh…. life in the country – wouldn’t change it for the world, even with all my whinging!

Till next, enjoy and all of country blessings to you!
PS: Came across this most beautiful picture – apologies for not referencing it – I usually reference all pictures, but must have overlooked this time.

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