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Friday, 3 May 2013

Christmas Preview!

Well here we are, May and it’s time to start looking at the Christmas range available for 2013!  Somehow it just does not seem right, but such is the life of retail.  Fitz & Floyd, Swishmas and Kurt S. Adler have their range out for viewing and will be available for delivery on the 1st of September, (backorder will be taken) so keep an eye out on the website as I will be adding (as I can) items up for your perusal.  I will be taking orders now and laybys are available till Christmas – see my layby terms on the site, I think you will find them very flexible.  The range as mentioned is on my higher scale end of Christmas, but the quality is superb, collectable and you will note (which makes all the difference) the sizing of items, generous.  If nothing else and you are like me… alas… I can at least drool over the range.  As one customer said to me once – ‘One Powerball…..’ oh one can always wish and dream!

On another note and musings from here in Donnybrook, the cold snap has finally arrived and at last the colours of autumn are abounding.  Picking for Pink Lady Apples will start next week as the sudden change in the cold weather has finally turned them into more colour, so for the next three to four weeks there will be a flurry of tractors, crates, trucks, ladders, and workers all over the place, a year of preparation for this time and my treasured tranquillity amiss.

Until next time – all of country blessings to you xxx


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