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Monday, 22 April 2013

Hello, been awhile!

Always seems to be a complaint of mine – where has the time gone? 

With all great intentions, dear old Mammy’s was going to be kept up-to-date… but alas, life gets busy, especially when one is past middle age, teenage daughters and studying full-time at University.  Uni life it is not like work where the majority of times you knock off  and that is it for the day, it seems to encroach into your personal space, leisure time and evenings.  However, at the end of the day, one hopes  that it will all be worth it!  So the big and looming question is, do I keep the love of my life “Mammy’s Choice”  (though do not tell my husband or daughters I said that) going, put it on hold, struggle through or finish her off?  The reason for this train of thought, is how many blog posts do I, and have, put up saying the same thing – “where has the time gone?, sorry, have been busy lately, etc. etc.

Through all the market research and studies I have done, unless one keeps the momentum going, interest falls, dedication wavers…. and so the story goes.  Well, I guess one will just have to watch this space, so to speak, until I can settle the issue at hand,  not so much with the mind but with my heart.  The cottage industry which once flourished has run its course, but does that make it an excuse not to keep it surviving in some small way?  I am sure there are some folks out there like me, that regardless of what the industry and the market-place is doing or dictates, our love all for all that is treasured, handmade, traditional, country and have the essence of days of yore still dictate the way we live, think and decorate our home.

Over the years I have seen many a favourite business close it’s doors to the pressures of the market place, finances and what we all seem to suffer from in the generation – a lack of spare time.  As a result of  these adversities,  there is this inner voice that forbids to give in to such things and to fight the fight,  or is it simply this  stubborn nature of mine making an err of judgement.  I suppose time will tell and some serious thought needs to be given – and (would you believe) the time to do so.

On another note, autumn – may favourite time of the year, is half way through yet still the deciduous trees have not changed colour and the landscape, though with the rains changing it from browns and yellows to green, the leaves have shown no sign of bursting forth in an array of autumn colours.  I feel somewhat a little ripped off!  Especially since most of the pumpkins in the local area have nearly finished being picked, which gloriously go hand in hand with the beautiful autumn colours around the fields, and the overhead noise of the wild ducks, geese and even the odd swan or two that arrive for the southern winter landing on the nearby dams.  It is, however, an indication that winter is not too far away, yet, it has a magical, invigorating, and soul lifting experience.

The Claremont Antique & Craft fair is on this coming weekend at Claremont Showgrounds, Perth – so if you have the opportunity to attend,  I am sure you will not be disappointed.  Unfortunately due to time constraints I will not be displaying this time around, but hopefully will be there for the Winter fair.

Until next time, take care and all of country blessings to you.




Jackie said...

I can understand your dilemma as you well know. It is so hard to stop doing something that you have built and loved. Whatever you decide I am sure that it will be the right thing to do at this time. xxx

Vicki from Mammy's Choice said...

Thank you Jackie. It is so hard... how has it all worked out for you? Still studying? I so miss your little on-line shoppe! I think the real issue is - getting organised. Life seems to be so busy and that I find so sad. Anyway, still deciding... ho hum xxx