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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Spring is Here!

Well Spring is here and what a glorious day today is.  Though the almond tree has finally lost is blossoms,  the plum tree is now a mass of white and flowers for a lot longer than the poor old almond tree, which seems to drop blossoms as soon as they open.  The beauty of it though,  it makes a blanket of white on the ground below and as usual... I am too disorganised and slow to take a photograph in time.

Alas with the beautiful sunshine, it gives double green lights for the weeds to prosper, nasty little creatures sitting there waiting to sprout forward in proliferation.  Think I could write a children's imaginative horror story on them, they vex me so much. 

The veggie patch, which still is a work in progress, according to my husband, has a lovely variety of obnoxious let alone noxious weeds in it.  Ho hum.... so much for having it finished by April and maybe I should be a little cynical and say that was April 2012!  (just so my husband feels a little better, in the event he reads this).

Home has been a flurry of assignments (how I hate week 6 & 7 at Uni) and exams for the girls, who I am sure are worse stress-heads than their dear old mother.  Seriously, we must be a sight to see in this house. 

Looking forward to a new range of Christmas this year, and hope to be able to get quite a few items up on the web page within the next month.  We have some really exciting new patterns that we are going to attempt to make, though they most probably will not be up until mid November.

The year seems to have flown by, yet again, and already we are sitting around the dinner table discussing what we will be doing for Christmas. Georgina and Victoria already debating what they would like to cook and have on the menu.  Oh the joys of teenage daughters, love them to bits and they are turning into quite good little cooks... I just wished they were as good at cleaning up after themselves (don't we all).  Though it brings a smile to my face as I can so audibly hear those words coming from my mother as she once said them to me and my sister.  It is so very hard to believe that in two weeks time she has been gone 19 years, in all honesty, where did that time go?

Well on that note, back to my assignment that is due tomorrow, with a very unlikely chance of that happening!  So will have to hope that it is good enough to wear some marks taken off for being late (and it's never that good... ho hum!) plus the disgruntled look from the lecturer.

Till next time, enjoy the sunshine
Vicki x

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Jackie said...

Good Luck with your assignments and a break in a few weeks from all your 'school work'. I know my son is counting the days. xx