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Thursday, 30 August 2012


Well it seems I have a major problem with the dreaded word 'procrastination'I just never seem to get back to my blog as often as I would like, and a dear colleague gave me a gently rebuke for not doing so, bless her!  One does have to ask is time (which in these modern times) seem to be everyones enemy, or do I have dreadful time management?  I am inclined to think that the latter is the real culprit here.  To add woe to the statement, is that I have done a number of 'time-management' courses and still...........I have come to the conclusion that some folk (me) are just fluffers!

Well, spring is knocking at the door, the wattle is well into full bloom, the apple trees are loaded with buds waiting to burst open, the clover flowers are like a blanket of pink between the apple trees and the weeds are growing to proliferation, damn things.  Next to autumn, spring would have to be a favourite.
Though we still need more rain, the warmer weather is much welcomed; it sure has been a cold dry winter.  We have gone through two extra loads of wood this winter and I am absolutely dreading the next electricity bill!

The show at the Claremont showgrounds in the middle of August was disappointing, with numbers marginally down.  It now (as of this year) is a two day show (Saturday and Sunday) and being held three times a year (April, August and November). Instead of a three day show and twice a year (April and November). For Mammy's, Friday was our most popular day and was hoping that with the short trading time, it would balance out.  Unfortunately that did not appear to happen, so as a result I doubt we will do August again.  We will see how the new setup works for November and April next year and assess from there.  On that note though, it means  I have some prim stock that I really need to get loaded on the site.  When I can (as I am writing this at Uni - instead of doing an assignment...lets not go there, see time management again) I will upload  some of the pics taken.

On that....I know, I know...I had better get back to study.  

Till next time, Best of Country Wishes xxx

In Loving Memory of my Mother-in-law who passed away a month ago.

On Mum & Dad's first date.
With Dad and her two sons that she adored (and of course their lovely wives LOL!) 
Was the best mother-in-law any woman could wish for.  Will be so sadly missed.  Love you Mum xxx


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Bev C said...

Hello Vicki,

So sorry to hear about your Mother In Law. Beautiful family photo's.

Yes Spring has come, so looking forward to it. One of our Wattle trees bloomed overnight on Saturday, we were having our morning cuppa on Sunday and noticed it.
Happy days.