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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Some Time Off.....well......maybe!

Well finally exams and assignments are over and a wee bit of time off.  Is that possible with teenage daughters and the eldest one learning to drive?  I think not!!  Well the rains came, oh and did they come, storm and all.  No power for three days and if you live out of town, means not water and NO flushing toilets!!!  Yet again, a mighty feat with teenage daughters.  Best I not mention as to the challenges that involves.  I should not complain, we do have wonderful girls and are very proud of them both.

As usual there are "the" plans to get some craft work done and Mammy's looking a little bit more appetising LOL!!  Though first of all I must must must must must give my house a little bit of a work-over.  With all great intentions and enthusiasm I have managed from top to bottom (that includes washing walls, cleaning and sorting out cupboards, re-designing etc etc) the laundry, bathroom, hallway and toilet.  Already I can feel the enthusiasm waning as I think of the rest of the house and one must stay focused (not).  Is it not funny how something can sit in a cupboard and not be used for what seems and eternity and suddenly when you decide to ditch it, someone asks for it!  What is that?

So on that note, guess it is back to it.  The sooner I finish, the sooner I can get some serious business done, like Mammy's Choice well at least it is enjoyable.  Or before Georgina asks "Mum can you take me for a driving lesson"  dear Lord, I am sure I have added at least another 100 grey hairs!  

Until next time, take care and keep warm.   Oh and by the way, one of my favourite sites "The Back Shed"  ( has a wonderful sale on.  So do go and check it out.  I certainly had a ball while visiting, cannot wait till I get my goodies.  And one day when we are not Uni students anymore,  are over our mid-life career changes and back in the money, (ha ha ha) I shall shop there until I drop.  Have fun and enjoy!




Jackie Proctor said...

Nice you have some time off and I hope you get all your cleaning done and some crafting. I can sympathise with you over the no power, no water-it is definitely challenging. Good luck with the driving lessons, I'm glad I'm past all that. And thank you so much for the mention of my website and sale...I will get to my orders tomorrow. xxxx

Bev C said...

Hello Vicki,

No power, no vacumming!!!! Congrats on your Uni finishes and house cleaning. Lovely to have some rain though isn't it.

Happy days.