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Monday, 23 May 2011

Yet again, where has the time gone?

I cannot believe that it was October since I last wrote on this blog. Yet again I must ask "where has the time gone"? The most frighting thing is that, almost without notice. Then you start wondering does anyone ever read these anyway? Recently in one of my lectures it was noted that there are 130million blogs world wide and that only 90% are currently active. I do hope that it is not a fad that has come and gone, especially when I have just getting warmed into it. That's me....slow off the mark.

That then also means, not much has been made or developed at Mammy's workshop to the shock and horror of my eldest daughter who has a mountain of whimsical things she wishes to get made. I have however kept up with the quilts on the website as I always have people enquiring. Hopefully these next lot of holidays I can dedicate the time needed to achieve my goals and aims.

First of all though, I need to learn fully how to use this blog. I visit when I can friends and other blogs I follow and they are all so gorgeous, with pictures and fonts and the like......unless they are all using a different blog host, which I am sure there must be a few out there, I really need to learn the artful skills.

Anyway, one must away as per usual there are assignments due in. Do keep an eye out on the website, I will be in a few weeks adding a whole range of new items, though a lot will not be hand made at this stage and will be having a clearance sale that desperately needs happening, once I get the garage organised once and for all. Oh the joys of moving!! Till then, keep well and at this time of the year...warm xxx


Jackie said...

Welcome back to Blog land! Looks like it's busy
as usual at your place. Jackie x

Bev C said...

Hello Vicki,

Glad to hear from you. Hope those assignments are going well.
Happy days.

Vicki from Mammy's Choice said...

Thanks Jackie and Bev. Lord, I am just about assignmented (if such a word) out!!!! But there really is something lovely about blogging, so it is wonderful to be back. Just hope I can keep it all up. It's one thing to write on here, but I really want to read everything about everyone else and that alas, I struggle with time. Hope all is well for you at both ends of your worlds. xx