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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Where has the time gone?

My goodness, where has the time gone? So much for being disciplined and keeping up with my new blog site. Alas, this semester at Uni has been a tough one and cannot wait for it to be over. All assignments are finished,phew!! just exams which start in less than two weeks. Seriously, way tooooo old for this, it sure has stirred up the grey matter. Along with relocating its been a tough year, but in the long worth it.

Mammy's has ticked along, unfortunately we have not produced too much and it will be slim pickings for our Christmas range. Keep a look out, you might be surprised, which will mean so will I.

Talking about craft and decor really need to mention the most glorious site I have had the pleasure to visit. "The Back Shed" honestly just to die for, I have on this post some pictures of the items I purchased. They are beautifully and so well made and very reasonably priced. You will find Jackie (the owner) a delight to deal with and everything came so beautifully wrapped. One Powerball and I am in there!!!

Alas, my accounting books are calling me, Lord knows I will be glad not to look at them until next semester!!! which may I add and brag, have 13 glorious weeks off over the summer break Whoohoo!!!! bring it on. Economics unit has just about buried me.

Well bye for now, hopefully sooner than later and with some goodies to share. Take care and God Bless,

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Vicki from Mammy's Choice said...

Thanks Bev received your comment. Not sure myself why it is not taking comments. I had Jackie from "The Back Shed" say the same thing. Ho hum.....always hiccups in the world of cyberspace. First exam is tomorrow, feeling so nervous already, it really has been a tough semester this one. So here is hoping. Cheers and thank you.