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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A Real Winters Day

Well at last!!! Rain and I do not mean rain for part of the looks like we are going to have rain for the rest of the week. It sure has been a long time coming. Though it will have to continue for the rest of winter to have any full impact here in the South-West. It has been so dismal, especially for the local fruit growers and potato farmers. Plus it takes that bitter chill off the air. My daughters find it quite amusing to put glasses and cups of water outside overnight to find them iced in the morning.....glad it amuses them, though I am not impressed as they never seem to bring them back in.

Just another week of full study and exams yippeee!!! and then into that shed and organising my craft and believe it or not....getting the majority of it unpacked to finally sit down and get some serious work done. So do keep an eye on the website. Plus I will, I will, I will properly learn how to use this blog and upload successfully new lines. They say one day at a time, mine seems to be a month at a time.

Well that is all for now, need to get back to study. Just having a break and to at lease put something on the blog. I am so anxious to really get my teeth back into Mammy's. For the first time in such a long time I said to my husband, that maybe I could go back into another shop. We will just wait and see. It is a big commitment, ten years of having a retail shop, with a young family and not such a young body, does wear you out.

For now though, take care all. And as a dear friend Bev says that introduced me to bloging "keep warm"

Bye for now xx


Jackie said...

Freezing here too, everyday is a frost with Fog on top. At least it makes me stay inside and get things done! I will wait patiently to see your goodies go up on the Website but in the meantime...Good Luck with your Exams. x

Vicki from Mammy's Choice said...

Thanks Jackie! Well exams are over.....alas I do not think I did very well on the one yesterday...ho hum!! Have family down until the weekend, then it's time to get started, I actually cannot wait. It seems an eternity since I have been able to get anything started! Thanks and talk soon. xxx