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Friday, 9 July 2010

Thank you one and all.

Today I logged on to my blogger, alas, have been busy with overdue tax. I say every year, I won't get behind, I wont get behind.......

So I was so pleasantly surprised at all that have been on my blogger, it was wonderful and from those with kindred spirits and likes that I have never met before, thank you, for your kind comments and I am so looking forward to blogging with you. I honestly didn't realise how quick this moves along and how many out there blog. I must say it is wonderful and I know that I am so going to enjoy it..

Well on that note I am off.......the fire will need re-stacking and must say glad the rains have come, it certainly softens that bitter cold that we have been having for weeks on end. Take care all and thank you ever so much for making my day.


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Bev C said...

Hello Vicki,

For some reason I was unable to leave a comment on your recent post. So I tried here and it let me. Don't know why that has happened. Glad to hear that you are surviving Uni. Happy days.