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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

*Autumn is well and truly here*

It is hard to believe that we are in the middle of autumn already - well in the southern hemisphere.  I know I probably have said it before, but autumn would have to be one of my favourite seasons.

Here in the west our climate is similar to, and is, classified as being Mediterranean, so our seasons are not overtly distinctive compared to the northern hemisphere and even the Eastern States for that matter.  Our summers can be very hot, even long, our winters mild and autumn and spring are much on par.  The one bonus of living down in the south-west (inland) and being the colder part of the state, we have a lot of deciduous trees, orchards and pumpkin fields, it gives us a more defining and beautiful sense of autumn.  With those gorgeous hues of browns, oranges and reds and then mix it with an early morning crisp fog, do I need to say more.....  yep, it doesn’t get much better!  Though I have to confess as age is quickly catching up, the dear old bones, especially the knees are not so keen on the crispy mornings anymore.

Talking of age, I have to say as I am getting older, as I am sure we all are, you certainly do look at making life much simpler.  Having recently moved – (sadly the apple orchard, with its sweet white cottage is now stored in the book of memories, and I must confess I still miss it a wee bit, but alas, it was a lot of work) I have culled like never before, though my husband still thinks there is way too much ‘stuff’.  I am sure you can all picture it and hear his words “why put it in storage boxes? If you are not going to use it now, why keep it? I am not going to move it again!” mmmhhmmm….'yes dear' I think to myself…, gotta love those men-folk of ours.  I should not complain he is a gem and I am truly blessed.

So, on that note, I suppose I had better get back to unpacking some more boxes.  I had such great plans of getting out some pumpkin patterns and recipes to get done, oh well, seems to be life of late, not getting what I want done.  Instead, here are some pics that you might enjoy and  in some way hopefully envelop you in the magic of autumn and a quick reminder of what we have made over the years in pumpkins.  

Just look at the size of the nuggety pumpkin Miss Maggie is sitting on above!  They tell me it is edible and I am not sure what it is called, (think it has a French name) but if your down the south-west, then you can get them at ‘Newys Veggie Patch’ in Kirup.

Photo courtesy of Newy's Veggie Patch - Kirup

Till next time, all of Country Blessings to you.

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