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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

It’s Christmas Time!

Well it’s the Christmas  countdown!  I do love this time of the year, even though it does come with a certain amount of stresses, which to be honest we do allow to happen in our lives – do we not?

On the first of December we start our Christmas cooking.  It is such a special time with my daughters and we thoroughly enjoy it, though I am not sure if the kitchen feels the same way.  My eldest Georgina is the sweets queen in the family and alas… my messiest!  How one can get icing sugar up on window ledges, butter splattered up the walls is beyond my comprehension, plus somehow, the whole kitchen also gets a dusting of flour, like some holy Passover.  We should not complain, the end results are wonderful, but the journey there… sometimes I just have to go for a nanna-nap to avoid making a comment and deflating her enthusiasm

In November, we pull out all our Christmas cooking books  and chose our Christmas menu plus all the goodies we want to have over the Christmas period, we also incorporate some of our Christmas favourites.  Usually we always have family and friends that come and stay, it’s wonderful – and of course there is always one cheeky member of the family who subtly hint at there being available their Christmas favourite.

With all this hustle and bustle, you could imagine my grand designs of having the new Mammy’s website up and running by Christmas, well… however, every spare minute that I have, I have been loading up stock as well as trying to get a whole array of unfinished items completed.  Alas, I have had to realistically reassess about  the Grand-Opening of the rejuvenated  Mammy’s Choice and have decided it will be the 1st of January we will open and offer  a 15% discount opening sale that I will run for the month of January.  As I am typing this, it just occurred to me that it was 15 years ago on the 1st of January that we opened our first Mammy’s Choice shop in Chidlow – oh my goodness.  Well then, it be applicable that we offer a 15% discount ( I was going to be stingy and just do 10% LOL)! oh oh oh and another revelation, it will be 2015!… what are the chances 15, 15, 15 – hope that is a good sign!

What I must do here is thank a very dear and special friend, one that I call my soul-sister for helping me find my mojo and encouraging me to bring Mammy’s back to life – Peta Reeve!  Peta will be also making some wonderful items for Mammy’s along with her blessed partner Andy.  Peta  also has a wonderful array of goodies that she is putting together to sell and has  recently set herself up to make these available to you.  You will be able to find Peta on her Facebook page called “Farmhouse Mercantile” so please do check it out and I am so excited as to what she will be making. 

I met Peta just over ten years ago when she walked into our Guildford shop, armed with an amazing  and beautifully made array of goodies to be put on consignment.  God always amazes me with the wonderful people he places in our lives and as always, at the right time!  I am so excited to be working alongside Peta and Andy.  Not only have I been encouraged to go back to (besides my family) the love of my life – Mammy’s – but also Georgina has been doing her loved hobby – card making – and has started creating a whole range of ‘rustic vintage’ cards under the name of GG Designs. Victoria also has been developing some vintage decor ideas and loves stamping.  It is great to have my girls on board, though our work area is small and well… lets be frank – why would my darling Georgina be any different in the craft room than the kitchen…. ho hum!!  We love her dearly and I will miss her so much when she heads off to Uni in February.  She assures me she will be home as much as possible mmm…. and in her down time working on her cards.

There are another two people quickly I would like to thank – Bev from ‘BT Creations’ – check out her Facebook page as well, who has always encouraged me to find my way back and Jackie Proctor who faithfully comments on this blog and is always so encouraging.  I so much miss Jackie’s beautiful prim creations!  Maybe I could send some of my mojo Jackie's way and one day we will see her beautiful items back on the web.  Thank you girls for always being there in the background.

Well, this post is getting a bit long so I had better sign off.  I will keep you posted on my progress. 



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Jackie said...

You sound so organised for Christmas, not like me. I am muddling along hoping I can pull it all together for Christmas day. Thank you for your kind words, I haven't been very good at keeping up with any blogs of late or keeping up with my craft and I'm not sure that even sending me some 'mojo' will be of much help for a while, but thanks. Merry Christmas to you and your family. xxx