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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The EZShoppe Craft Show is on!

Well the sunshine was out today – hip hip hooray!! but the wind certainly had a bite to it.  After years of procrastinating we made a start on the veggie patch – yes miracles happen!  We starting building the patch about three years ago and used old railway sleepers stacked three high to build it up.  One has to face the facts that one cannot bend for prolong periods anymore.  We have been faithfully adding sand, mulch and BJ Bill (my daughters horse) manure to the patch.  It has, I must admit harvested a wonderful crop of oats, which BJ munched on today to his hearts delight.  Yep, you have got it as my youngest daughter so delicately put it “in one end and out the other and we start all over again”.  Well I suppose one way to look at is he, keeps reproducing his own feed.  mmm…. such a gross thought!

The garden beds are all weeded, the blessed husband has already fallen asleep on the couch and my knees are letting me know exactly how old I am! Goes to show how long we have been able to get outside and do some work. Though it be October the nights here in Donnybrook are still cold and the wood pile is depleted. It’s not worth getting another load in this side of next winter – so here we are huddled around the oil heater and in my mind is the thought of the electric meter spinning out of control.  I am not sure what the cost of electricity is around the rest of the country, but it is at a ridiculous rate here!  Oh well, no point complaining, you either freeze or put up.

On that note, just to let you know, for the first time this year I have entered into EZShoppes on-line fair of which I have a small both.  Would love for you to drop by and  below is the link.  There are a great number of little shoppes there, so enjoy and check them all out.  The fair starts tomorrow the 8th of October  and finishes on the 22nd October.

Enjoy, until next time, All of Country Blessings to you and yours. x

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