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Thursday, 19 April 2012


Well, we are half way through my most favourite season, Autumn.  Living in the southern hemisphere we unfortunately do not have the distinct seasons that our northern counterparts enjoy. 

However, living here in Donnybrook, being the fruit area of Western Australia, the season of autumn is a emphasised a wee bit more due to the orchards being deciduous.  The Pink Lady apples on the trees are slowly turning red and will be no doubt be ready for picking in two to three weeks.  Life will be a flurry of pickers, tractors, trailers and apples for those three weeks of picking.

Then  after the picking with the apples left behind, all recipes possible made with apples.  They will get dehydrated, jammed, sauced, pied and baked;...  alas the hips will spread with enjoyment!!  So if anyone has any great recipes to share, please please I am out of ideas.
As for news on the Mammy's website, I have just recently listed some new clocks and some Golliwogs, which are delightful and have come in very reasonably priced.  I also have some wonderful handmade Prim dolls in Amish and Mammys due in soon, so keep an eye open.  Also do remember the crafters links on this blog and my website, as they have some wonderful items as well and I can highly recommend their goodies.

All for now, take care, until next time.
Country Blessings xxx



Jackie Proctor said...

Well hello there!!! Hope all is going well with you and yours. When I get stuck for a recipe I just go to Google and I have found some really nice and simple recipes. x

Vicki from Mammy's Choice said...

Hi Jackie, so good to hear from you too. Thanks for that, I shall go and have a look on the web. Someone did tell me about a place called and they say that their recipes work out well. You just do not think of the web for recipes! Hope all is going well your end too. x